Brussels Kvas Home

Brussels Kvas is a new family of fermented low alcohol beverages made from rye and barley.

It merges the authenticity intrinsic to a traditional homemade fermented beverage with the fast-paced modern world and its urban drinks.

The fermented beverages market is gaining momentum with increasing consumer inclination with associated health advantages over other beverages and Brussels Kvas adds a new branch to this rapidly growing generation of beverages made by using a natural process and from natural products.

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The Story

Brussels Kvas is made by fermenting cereals.

Our original recipe derives from an ancient fermented low alcohol (0.5-1%) drink, also known as kvass or quas, which was produced over a huge area of Europe, stretching from Poland to the Balkans and eastward to Siberia.


Also known as “fossil beer”, kvass was familiar to the ancient Egyptians and there is a school of thought that suggests that Babylonian “beer” might have been, in fact, kvass; which might help to explain why it has not been possible to find clear evidence of alcoholism in Mesopotamia.


As we discovered, the traditional recipe’s shelf life is only a few days and therefore its commercial value is rather low.


We went on researching and after almost 3 years of experimenting and hundreds of trials and errors we have found a way to enhance the drink to fit the modern market requirements, while retaining the great taste and nutritional qualities of the original recipe.

The new drink has a more delicate taste and a much lighter color in comparison to the original kvass. So we’ve dropped one “s” and decided to just call it Kvas.

Of course…

Being from Belgium we had to enlist the ingenuity and know-how of the world famous Belgian brewers.


To commemorate that we have decided to add the name of the Belgian capital to the drink’s name.

And that is how Brussels Kvas came about.

Meet The Family

Our current product portfolio consists of 3 main kvas drinks and one special edition.

Brussels Kvas Original

This is the flagship of our fleet, our first born, our pride and joy!

The Brussels Kvas Original or, an alternative urban drink, as we like to call it, for active, busy people who want to avoid beer during their lunch break and are looking for a healthier alternative.



Brussels Kvas Bio / Organic

This is essentially an organic version of The Brussels Kvas Original.



Brussels Kvas Traditional

This is the old, traditional recipe with a short shelf life. Normally it can only be tasted at the BK brewery or ordered in kegs for special occasions.

But we’ve been working on it and the commercial bottled version, although still in development, is almost ready.


In addition, we are developing a number of flavor varieties as well as sugar free, light and Lambic versions.



Brussels Kvas Startup

The Startup Edition is a pre-launch version which we have created to introduce Brussels Kvas to potential investors, buyer and customers.

Basically it is BK Original in a conventional beer bottle which we will be using until our custom bottle is ready.


Who We Are

We are passionate, highly motivated people and we truly believe that Brussels Kvas will be a huge success.


Nataliia is the original author and the main driving force behind the Brussels Kvas project.

  • Has over 20 years of experience in business strategic management.
  • Worked with start-up companies and possesses a profound know-how in starting projects from scratch and leading them to success.
  • Has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and therefore her expertise lies in the realms of exact knowledge.
  • Great at numbers, research and has scrupulous attention to detail.
  • Certified by Brouwland‎ Academy.

Fluent in English, French and Russian.

She is an animal lover and a wine connoisseur who likes to travel, enjoys nature and organic gardening.




Igor brings his skills in sales, marketing, and branding. All photos and videos, the company logo, bottle label design and graphics, the website, printed and other promo materials were single-handedly created by him.

  • Has ten years of experience working with CIS countries as an employee and an independent consultant both in sales and management.
  • Has a Master’s degree in Arts and a Bachelor’s in Engineering.
  • Has strong communication skills and loves to work with people who are great at what they do.
  • Holds multiple certificates in web and social media marketing as well as design & web development.

Fluent in English, French and Russian.

He also loves jazz, sushi, traveling, photography, jogging and Belgian beer

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